Professional Trim And Door Specialists

Somerlyn Trim + Doors Inc. provides the best interior carpentry services throughout the GTA.

We offer you the opportunity to design a beautiful home interior using decorative trims, mouldings, interior doors, columns and shelves. Everything we provide is built to ensure that we deliver exactly what each customer is looking for.

Somerlyn’s service goes beyond what you can imagine, providing interior doors and trims in Vaughan that are truly incomparable. The materials Somerlyn uses require careful handling, which is why our experts are trained to ensure a proper and spotless installation process for every piece of hardware we bring into your home. At Somerlyn, we take design to a new level, creating a tool that both performs and adds value.

Door hardware is an essential component of your home’s security. Somerlyn offers door hardware and services with a wide selection of locks ranging in size, style and type, designed to fit your door. These door locks and handles are made strong, durable and visually appealing.

Somerlyn’s interior doors are available in two models: solid core and hollow. A solid door is heavier and made to withstand much more pressure and general wear and tear, opposed to hollow. Hollow doors are more suitable for interior spaces, however, provide the same feel as a solid door. Whether you prefer a dense door or a more lightweight door, the two are excellent options in giving your home a tasteful overall look and feel.

Interior mouldings are another great service offered at Somerlyn. A good baseboard transforms your wall into an attractive focal point in your home and beautifully enhances a space. Our services extend from square trims to casings, supplied exclusively to our location in Vaughan. Our mouldings vary so that you are able to nicely outline your walls, doors and fireplace.

Somerlyn offers services for specialty materials that bring forward new ideas and stunning finishes. Combining our expert knowledge and your vision, we can come together to achieve remarkable results.

Our professional services are fashioned in a way that benefits our customers and provides optimal satisfaction. We make sure to keep you informed throughout all of the steps of the process and procedures while installing, to guarantee a smooth transition.

Somerlyn Services include: Door Hardware, Interior Doors, Interior Mouldings, Service Installation and Special Material.

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